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I know this thread is old, but it's even worse! Look at this:
1) Hij vind TDL aardiger dan ik. (he likes TDL better than I do)
2) Hij vind TDL aardiger dan mij. (he likes TDL better than he likes me)
They are both correct, but they have a different meaning, as indicated in the translation.
Very different!

For pro's: the first sentence can also mean "he finds TDL in a nicer way than I do" which is rather unlikely ('nice' as an adverb is rare) but it's possible. This is because there is often no spelling difference between adverbs and adjectives. The second sentence has, as far as I know, no second meaning.
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Thank you very much. This is a next lesson Deustch in "school" :D .
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Wyczucie masz jak nikt.
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Poza tym nie Deutsch, tylko Dutch (Holenderski)