The First Random Championship

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The First Random Championship

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Hello everyone, i am glad to announce that the First Random
Offical topic - ... =27&t=1754
Championship will start on the 13th (or 20th) of September. (And sorry for my not good English)

About championship: we need 8 teams (16 max) with 4 ppl, it will be 2(4) groups and who'll get 1st and 2nd places will go to play-offs. Play-offs are standart.

1). We have 4 game modes: PT60 (3v3 or 4v4), No PT (4v4), tactic (1v1 - 4v4) and Flags (2v2 - 4v4).
2). Game mode, number of players in match, map and locs will be given by random in the toss (with some limits what i wrote in 1).). It depends on luck, in the first match you might play PT60 3x3 on Western on top, in the second tactic 2x2 on Cross, the third 4x4 on Florescense one, etc.
3). For every match there will be 4 days to play (we need to hold the championship faster than 3v3 by Zoltan)
4). Speed x1 by default, but if all teams will agree to play faster, why not? But if one team want x1, other x1,5 - game will on x1.
5). All tactics are allowed.
6). You can draw the game, if all team agree and you play:
PT 60 game 2 hours or more
No PT 1 hour or more
Flags 2 hours or more
Tactic if you have only ranged after main battle.
7). About Flags: in lobby you must set PT 0, but you cant attack your enemy. You can make army, but no attack and scouting. If you played r2411 or earlier you understood me.
8). Maps for Championship(Some maps arent in Remake, i'll gime a link for them. but we can release some new versions):

60 PT 3v3:
Western Desert
Across the desert fix4 (it can be lop vs bot or left vs right)
Golden Cliffs (it can be lop vs bot or left vs right)
Majestic Waters

PT 60 4v4:
Cursed Ravine (Left vs right)
Frozen Waters
Back in the Desert
Rich Land viewtopic.php?p=27726#p27726 (Left vs right)

No PT 4v4:
TVOD2 (top vs bot)
Rocky Coast
Road of the Valley 2 (Top vs bot)

Tactic 1v1:
Coastal Encounter (1 or 2 loc, 3 for spectator)
Atoll (locs are random)

Tactic 2v2:
Cross (locs are random)
Snow Cross (locs are random)
Battle in the Ruined City

Tactic 3v3:
Ambushed (Left vs right)
Battle of Great generals
Head and Shoulders :D (Shoulder to Shoulder)

Tactic 4v4:
Enter the Heat
Sharks Islands (1358 vs 2467)
Spring of Events.
Raven's Field.

Flags - Florescense one (top vs bot)
9). For victory you need a screenshot with stats and "Victory" in title, or screenshot with chat, where your opponents wrote "gg" or "gg wp", and a replay.
10). In group stage victory - 3 points, draw - 1 point, lose - 0 points.
11). Register and post result here. You need 4 ppl, team name and contacts.
12). If you havent team - you can write here that you heed a team.
13). If one ppl from team cant play, you can find "standin", but he cant take a part in championship in other team, even if that team losed and leaved championship.
14). Prices -
a). Steam account with "Sacraboar"
b). Steam account with "Football manager 2009"
c). Some common things in Dota2
Donate to price fond, if you can.

Registered teams:
1). Cancers Lancers. Team members: vovets1, Madgamer, Nachtmahr, David.
2). BSOD. Team members - Samurai, DeaMi, kvp291, MrKEBZ.

Players without team:
1). Skypper
2). Pawel95
3). Omigoshe
4). Freelancer

Best regards
P.S. I need some help: pls who can, post it on other forums.